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In today’s world, it becomes more popular to work remotely or create online businesses. Day by day more people are interested in internet marketing, they all want to learn more about it and find lots of useful tips. If you decide to start your online business or just run an online marketing campaign, you have to decide which type of marketing you want to join. For example, affiliate marketing is definitely on fire for last 4/5 years, so if you want to know more about it, you better read this stack that money forum review 2017.

As I see you already want to learn more about marketing because you are a newbie or you just want to take your marketing skills to another level – stack that money is the right place for you.

You may say that this is a private forum and you need 99 USD to get access to it but believe me each penny invested in this forum is worth. You should know that 99 USD is nothing comparing to the knowledge you get from it, like thousand of detailed case studies, video training, successful affiliate marketers who are earning more than 100 000 USD monthly are willing to help you, so definitely this is the best place to become pro in affiliate marketing (but it’s not limited to only affiliate marketing).

So what makes StackThatMoney so famous?

It has more than 180 000 active topics and hundreds of active sections. There are different sections, for example, there are huge ones about traffic sources (like paid ads, free traffic sources, email lists, etc.); Social media platforms, white hat / black hat/grey hat SEO.

There are thousands of cases studies which are very newbie friendly, and you just have to choose the one case study, stick with it – learn the method in details and copy that campaign to reach the same success as the author of that thread. In fact, these cases studies can be used as a blueprint, so as you see that investment of 99 USD is worth.

paid traffic forum review 2017

Now let’s have detailed look at sections and threads.

So as we mentioned above, this forum is mainly focused on affiliate marketing and traffic sources. First of all, you will see lots of thread about it because there are endless sources of traffics. You can learn more about these types of traffic on the forum:

Paid traffic – most affiliate or online marketers use paid traffic to sell their products or services. So they always try to improve their ROI (return on investment). You can learn more about different software which will help you to track and improves your campaigns. For example, there are detailed reports, guidelines and tutorials about these beast programs – Voluum, Thrive and Prosper202. You have to find out which one works for you and stick with it, in fact, all that programs are on top of the competition.

Voluum is one of the best hosted software which is Swiss army knife for each marketer. You can track your campaigns no matter they are targeting mobile or web traffic.

Propsper202 is the best solution for people who have no money to invest in this type of programs. It’s self-hosted one, so you have to install software on your PC. This program has free and paid versions, so you are the judge – just choose free version and test if this is the right one for your campaigns. You can find hundreds of tutorials and articles about it on, so be ready for endless opportunities.

Thrive beats all the competitors in tracking big campaigns – if you are willing to have campaigns which have significant startup investments like 10 000, 20 000, 30 000 USD, you must go for Thrive. Is comes with lots of new features, and all the features are explained with tutorials on the forum.

Free traffic sources – on the forum, there are lots of thread about free traffic like social media platforms (Pinterest group boards, Facebook Groups), posting on forums in the niche of your product and guest posting. In fact, you can learn different methods on the forum to get free traffic targeted traffic and easily convert them.
SEO – “stack that money” forum is full of information about search engine optimization. You can find different methods of link building, for example, tiered link building.
private seo forum review – honest opinion

One of the best things about this forum is that you always get help from a big player in online marketing. You get in touch with them and may get invitations for private parties or conferences about internet marketing. After you become a member of that community, are become a very valuable person for them.

Keep in mind that you will get exclusive discounts for all the famous software that you need for successful campaigns. Owners and creators of those programs are also members of the forum, and they will be glad to assist you in any problems you face during the setting program.

My lovely part – “success stories” section.

Here you will find hundreds of success stories from the beginners and pros just like you. They share their stories: why they wanted to start an internet business, how they did it, what they used for successful campaigns, which programs helped them to succeed, what was their budget, etc. You have a chance to interact with this kind of people and ask any question you want, they all are friendly and will help you sooner or later.

Listen, just reading forum threads about online marketing won’t help you to succeed. You have to choose the method listed on the forum, don’t jump to another thread, just stay with one method and test it till you get your desired results. You have to be patience and results will come. The Founder of Vaynermedia Gary Vaynerchuk always says that everything works in life, but not everything works for you because you are special – that’s the fact – you have to do your best and wait for results – if the result is not positive there is no need for crying, just move on and find a working method.

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